Our work includes every aspect of sportsground maintenance and renovation work. We can complete any task, either as per your request or, within a maintenance contract that suits your specific needs. Our services include tasks that involve using small pieces of equipment such as hand mowers/strimmer’s etc, up to large pieces of machinery as our own 16-ton excavators. Listed below are some of the services that we provide: 

  • Contract mowing services  
  • Aeration procedures such as verti-draining/hollow coring/spiking
  • Mechanical hollow core collecting  
  • Spraying, including the application of fertiliser’s and selective weedkillers  
  • Large landscaping of areas and pond clearances  
  • Hedge cutting  
  • Scarifying 
  • Top dressing (Sweep & fill) 
  • Tree clearances and wood chipping  
  • End of season renovations of all sports surfaces  
  • Golf course reconfigurations 

Please note, that if a service that you require is not listed above, please contact us with your requirements. We have a large fleet of machinery that can complete almost any task at your request 



We at the laurels know how important football and rugby is to so many people. From grass roots, all the way up to the professional game, you can rely on us to maintain or renovate your playing surfaces to exceptional standards. We have over 25 years’ experience maintaining winter sports pitches, consisting of maintenance, preparation and renovation of all types. Either within a maintenance contract, or a one-off operation, we have the most effective pieces of machinery to complete any task to the highest of standards that will help keep your playing surface in the best possible condition all year round. Within a contract, you will be given regular updates on the performance of your pitch and advised of what the pitch requires throughout the year to enable it to perform as it should and continue to be played on throughout the winter months. For a site visit that will consist of an evaluation of the site, as well as a soil sample analysis please contact us where we will be more than happy to discuss what services may be applicable to your needs.


Our winter sports pitch maintenance services include

·        Weekly mowing, either at your request or within a mowing contract

·        Selective weedkilling where necessary

·        Chemical & fertiliser application

·        Verti draining to aid drainage and help playability throughout the winter months

·        Line marking

·        Brushing to improve the appearance of the pitch and to stand the sward up stopping horizontal growth

Our winter pitch renovation services include

·        Selective weedkilling where necessary

·        Scarifying

·        Verti draining

·        Overseeding

·        Top dressing

·        Spiking

·        Returfing/seeding of goal mouths and worn out areas 

Bowling Green Maintenance & Renovation

Owning and maintaining our own golf course gives us the expertise to produce greens to exceptional standards, be it bowling greens or golf greens. Our staff are highly qualified in this area, and can give you advice on what procedures to carry out to produce playing surfaces that produce a fast-consistent ball roll throughout the playing season. An on-site soil analysis can be arranged with us, and a plan discussed moving forward either within a maintenance contract, a yearly renovation plan or a one of maintenance procedure.

Our bowling green maintenance services include.

·        Weekly mowing, either at your request or within a mowing contract

·        Verti cutting where necessary to stop horizontal growth and improve a truer faster ball roll

·        Weedkilling/chemical application

·        Fertiliser application to maintain nutrient levels throughout the playing season

·        Rolling with turf iron prior to tournaments/competitions to improve ball roll and speed

Our bowling green renovations include

·        Scarifying

·        Hollow coring

·        Top dressing

·        Verti draining

·        Brushing in of top dressing using powered sweep and fill brush

·        Application of chemicals and fertilisers 


With the short cricket season and the wet summers that we have been experiencing over the last decade, it is extremely important that your cricket facility is up to the task of weekly cricket. Our trained staff will allow your club to make the best of your facilities every step of the way, and will always be available for a chat or a site visit where necessary. We have vast experience in cricket renovation and maintenance practices and possess all the required machinery to complete the task to the highest standards. An onsite visit can be arranged where we will evaluate the site and take a soil sample analysis at your request. Once this is complete, we can discuss your requirements and give advice on operations that will benefit your playing surfaces throughout the playing season.

Our cricket square and outfield maintenance services include

·        Weekly mowing, either at your request or within a mowing contract

·        Scarifying and verti cutting

·        Weed killing and chemical application

·        Fertiliser application to maintain nutrient levels throughout the playing season

·        Marking out of crickeweeding t wickets

·        Outside of boundry maintenance work including weedkilling strimming mowing carpark tidying

Our cricket square and outfield Renovation services include

·        Scarifying

·        Solid tining

·        Verti-draining

·        Top dressing

·        Brushing in of loam using mechanical sweep and fill brush

·        Application of fertiliser and chemical


Owning and maintaining our own golf course gives us the experience to complete contract work to the standards that we and our members would expect at our own site. We have a large fleet of specialist machinery that we use on our golf course and no expense has been spared when choosing the best machine for the job. We welcome you or any member of your golf clubs committee to visit us at The Laurels Golf Course to have a look at the high standards that we work too.


Our golf course maintenance services include

·        Contract Mowing services

·        Wedd killing applying both total weedkiller and selective weed killer

·        Feriliser application

Our golf course renovation services include

·        Verti draining

·        Hollow coring

·        Mechanical hollow core collecting

·        Top dressing

·        Top dress brushing (sweep and fill)



In addition to our golf course renovation and maintenance services we also provide large scale golf course improvement works. This work is carried out by members of our experienced team who have many years’ experience in large earth moving projects. Using our very own large plant machinery, improvements can be made to any golf course starting with the design and architecture of future proposed developments right through to the grow in period. At our current site at the The Laurels Golf Course, we are currently reconfiguration an existing 9 holes. This will be very different to our already excising 9 holes and will be unique to any other golf course in Lancashire. Our 9 hole golf course that is in play currently is a flat parkland course. Although this is a spectacular layout with many interesting features, we aim to construct our new site to be more of an inland/parkland links with many mounded features. This work is being completed in house and a full rebuild is taking place including green, tee construction bunker construction, drainage and reseeding of all surfaces. Once again, we invite any prospective new client to have a look at our project to appreciate the professionalism and attention to detail that we work towards at The Laurels.

Our golf course design construction and reconfiguration services include

·        Green construction

·        Tee construction

·        Bunker renovation/construction

·        Large scale land levelling and mounding works

·        Earth moving


As we maintain many sportsgrounds throughout the northwest we are often asked if we maintain open green spaces such as parks and schools etc. The answer is of course yes. Our large or small grass cutting equipment can be used at any location. Starting from strimmer’s all the way up to our large tractors, any grass cutting task can be completed in the safe knowledge that we will leave your site clean, tidy and aesthetically pleasing to all your visitor’s colleagues or employees. Furthermore, we can look after many other areas of your site including hedge rows and trees. Included in our fleet of machinery is a large chipper for the disposal of branches should you need any trees or woodland tidying. This in turn, will produce wood chip that can then be re-used on your site or removed free of charge. If its hedge rows that you need tidying, we have the perfect tool for the job as our tractor mounted flail is available at daily rates with a driver. Please see images in our machinery list.