Charterhouse Core Collector

Compact and easy to manoeuvre, the Chaterhouse Core Collector will clear cores and debris from deep scarification quickly and efficiently

Special rates available

Wiedenmann Tera Spike

For deep aeration and removal of compactions up to a depth of 27.5 cm

The Extra Deep XD loosens and aerates turf with a working speed of up to 4 km/h. Often favoured by contractors who need smooth running machines that are on the go day-in, day-out the XD is available in 1.6 m (XD6) and 2.1 m widths (XD8).

WideSpin 1530 Top Dresser

The WideSpin 1530 top dressers, available as truck mounted or trailed meets the most demanding of topdressing programs – delivering total control over material from frequent, light topdressing to heavy applications at unprecedented widths.


The WideSpin 1530’s outstanding performance has made it the industry’s choice for thatch management, smoothing greens and modifying soil composition.

Twin spinners provide uniform application at any speed.

Adjustable spinner angle for maximum penetration.

Comes in three models – an engine driven trailed version, hydraulically driven via a tractor mount or truck mounted.